Control board wiring

Here we install all of the various boards to a mounting plate and wire them in preparation for installing to the head unit.

You will need various components as detailed below, including:

The mounting plate that will hold the Arduino, RTD Video board, relay board and voltage regulator is laser cut from 2mm acrylic. Download a CAD file for non-TV units here.

If you have the TV version of the head unit, you need to use a different mounting plate and the process is slightly different than described below. However, the wiring is the same so you can still follow the diagram on the Contents page. Download a CAD file for TV units here.

You’ll need a number of nylon fasteners:

  • Spacer M3 5mm+6mm x 10
  • Spacer M3 10mm+6mm x 4
  • Screw M3 5mm x 14
  • Screw M3 8mm x 2
  • Nut M3 x 10

Install the fasteners to the mounting plate as shown

Screw the Arduino, RTD board, voltage regulator and relay board to the mounting plate using M3 6mm nylon screws.

IMPORTANT: Ensure the voltage regulator is set to 5v output.

Now this assembly has to be wired according to the wiring diagram on the contents page.

The opto-isolator assembly fits underneath the Arduino.

Closeup of voltage regulator and relay board

Closeup of Arduino.

Digital pin 6 will be connected to the Odroid power relay grey wire in the next stage.

Digital pin 12 will be connected to the screen brightness PWM input in the next stage.

Closeup of RTD video board. The orange wire is from the opto-assembly and will plug into the 4-pin molex connector carrying the 12V and Ground ignition switched supply in the next stage.

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