Reverse camera installation

Please note that as of JagDroid Version 5 (converted systems supplied by JagDroid), a relay is no longer required to invert the reversing lamp signal on the S-Type and X350. This makes installation much simpler!
If you have built your JagDroid system according to the DIY instructions on this site (Version 4) you will need to add a relay (details below).

Firstly you need to acquire a suitable reversing camera. On my own car, I have installed this type:

It’s small and discreet, comes with a hole-saw to drill the correct size hole and all necessary wiring, and is low-cost.
However you should be able to use any composite video reversing camera to suit your individual preference, but I would recommending avoiding any with built in LED illumination. Firstly this is an unnecessary gimmick, and secondly you will find that the LEDs are visible to cars behind you at all times despite them claiming to be invisible Infra-Red LEDS.

The camera on my 2004 XJ X350 is installed in the plinth in the boot under the release button as shown:

You may not be able to get the camera centralised on other models – I would recommend removing the boot plinth and checking for clearance behind! Once the camera is physically installed in position, you can then run the necessary wiring. You may have to extend the wiring that is supplied with the camera so that you can feed the necessary power and video cables through the flexible conduit connecting the boot lid to the car, to the reversing lamp location.

Camera wiring

The camera should come with a cable like this:

This is a video cable which includes an extra wire that is open at both ends, which can be used for the reverse trigger signal so that the camera will be automatically displayed on selecting reverse gear. If your particular camera doesn’t incorporate this extra wire, you will need to run your own separate wire alongside the video cable.

Note that some cameras only have the reverse trigger wire open at one end, and the other end is hard-wired to the +12v connection. These will not work with the S-Type and X350 cars as the reverse trigger wire has to be pulled to 0V (Ground) to activate. You can still use this type of camera by ignoring the included trigger wire and running a separate wire alongside the video cable, and use this for the reverse trigger instead, connected in accordance with the instructions below.

You will need to run this cable the length of the car, from the camera position inside the boot/trunk lid to the back of the head unit in the dash.
On the rear of the JagDroid system you will find a ‘Rear Camera’ Phono/RCA socket. Plug the phono plug from the camera cable into this socket.

You will have this wiring connector included with your supplied system, which is a combined Unlock Wakeup and Reverse Trigger cable.

The Wake-Up function is described on the main installation page and not relevant to the camera installation, but here you will need to connect the WHITE ‘Reverse Trigger’ wire to the short red wire stub of the camera cable either by soldering, using crimps, or screw connection terminals. This will then carry the reverse trigger function to the rear of the car at the other end of the red wire in the camera cable, where we need to tap into the reversing lamp.

The next step varies depending on whether you have an S-Type, X-Type or X350. The S-Type and X350 require that the Reverse Trigger be taken from the Negative side of the reverse lamp. The X-Type trigger must be taken from the Positive side of the reverse lamp.

XJ X350

For the X350 you must splice into the WHITE wire coming from the Right-Hand (UK Drivers side) reverse lamp as shown here. (Note that the white wire in the multi-plug connector underneath is not the same!) This wire is extended up to the Red wire of the camera cable which is terminated in the boot lid near the camera connections.


For the S-Type you must splice into the BLACK/RED wire (Pin 4) coming from the Right-Hand (UK Drivers side) reverse lamp cluster as shown here. This wire is extended up to the Red wire of the camera cable which is terminated in the boot lid near the camera connections.


The X-Type uses a positive switched signal unlike the S-Type and X350, i.e. the wire has to be pulled to +12v to activate the reverse camera. See the image below for connection details:

NOTE: if you have followed the JagDroid DIY build instructions and have an S-Type or X350 you will need to fit a relay like this, to invert the negative switched reverse lamp signal. This does not apply to JagDroid systems supplied by me that are Version 5 or above:

Camera Power

The camera will also come with a length of cable with a DC power connector like this:

You need to find an ignition switched (also known as Accessory/ACC) power supply to tap into, so that the camera is powered whenever the ignition is switched on. Wiring the power in this way allows you to select the reverse camera at any time by double-pressing the Rear Heat button, as well as selecting reverse gear.

On the X350 there is a connector underneath the drivers side (UK) tail lamp behind the trim panel when you can get the ACC +12v power and Ground connections. You may need to extend the power cable supplied with the camera to reach this, by feeding the cable through the existing flexible wiring conduit from boot lid into the boot compartment:

The DC power connector then plugs into the DC power socket on the camera to provide power whenever the ignition is switched on.