Arduino firmware upgrade

From time to time, firmware upgrades to the Arduino may become available to add new features or fix problems. Follow the steps below to perform an update.

  • You will need a laptop computer to run the software necessary to update the Arduino microcontroller, which will be performed in the car.
  • Install the Arduino IDE on your laptop by downloading here:
  • Run the Arduino IDE program, select the Tools menu, then Library Manager
  • Search for HID-Project and install the package
  • Load the updated Arduino sketch into the IDE (file extension will be) .ino
  • In your car, find the USB cable from the JagDroid head unit labelled Arduino which will be plugged into the Odroid, and connect it into your laptop
  • Switch on the ignition to the I position
  • In the Arduino IDE select the Tools menu, select Board then choose Arduino Leonardo
  • Select the Tools menu again, select Port then choose the single option that is available (prefixed by COM, the actual number will vary depending on your computer)
  • Select the Sketch menu then Upload
  • When the Arduino IDE shows Uploading to board, immediately hold the RECIRC button on the head unit until you see the display go black, then release.
  • You should see the Arduino IDE successfully upload the sketch into the Arduino
  • You may then disconnect the USB from your computer and reconnect to the Odroid
  • The firmware update is complete