JagDroid-Cassette Bluetooth Audio Upgrade

What is JagDroid-Cassette?

JagDroid-Cassette is an upgrade to the Jaguar factory Cassette player which adds Bluetooth audio streaming capability so that you can pair your phone or other device and play music through your Jaguar audio system. It works on the Jaguar XJ X308.

The original cassette player still works as normal, and you can switch between cassette and Bluetooth audio by pressing the A.MEM button with a cassette in the drive.

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Please note that JagDroid-Cassette does not support handsfree telephone calling, it only works for audio streaming.

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How can I get JagDroid-Cassette?

You can send your existing cassette player to me here in the UK and I will perform the JagDroid-Cassette bluetooth upgrade and send your player back. I aim to turn this around in 1-2 days. The cost for this service is £175 which includes UK return post. To order or make an enquiry please send an email to info@jagdroid.org

Alternatively, I occasionally have for sale some pre-converted units which you can purchase from me as a direct replacement for your existing unit. There are different model variants depending on the year of manufacture of your car, so is important to choose the correct type. Contact me if you are unsure, and to check availability, as I don’t always keep stock of each variant.

XJ X308 Cassette player 1997-2000

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XJ X308 Cassette player 2000-2003

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