CarPlay dongle installation

If you have ordered the CarPlay dongle kit, you will have received the following in addition to the standard components:

  • Connect the CarPlay Dongle into the spare USB port on the Odroid
  • Connect the USB extension cable into the spare port on the USB hub at the back of the touchscreen, and run it along to the bottom of the A-pillar on the drivers side
  • Mount the USB microphone at the top of the A-pillar, and run the cable down behind the A-pillar and connect to the USB extension cable
  • Plug in your Lightning cable into the CarPlay dongle, and connect your phone
  • Watch my demo video which explains how to launch CarPlay:

If you need to re-install the CarPlay app for any reason you can download it here:

If your dongle has no text or branding printed on it use this app: Unbranded CarPlay App

Or if it has CarLinKit branding use this app: CarLinKit CarPlay App