Odroid OS image flashing

You can re-flash the Android Operating System installed on your Odroid with a new image. Please be aware that doing this will erase all of your data and apps, and so you will need to re-install your apps and settings you have previously changed once you carry out this procedure.
To perform this process you will require a Windows laptop computer with a USB port, a USB keyboard and a USB to Micro-USB cable.

You can watch the following video, and/or the step by step instructions below:

Download the latest Android OS image below to your computer depending on your eMMC size:

Android 11.0 – August 2022 – 16Gb image
Android 11.0 – August 2022 – 64Gb image

Older versions:

Android 9.0 Pie – February 2021 – 16Gb image
Android 9.0 Pie – February 2021 – 64Gb image

Download and install balenaEtcher, this tool will be used to write the downloaded image to the Odroid eMMC storage.

Power down the Odroid and disconnect the DC power plug from the Odroid.
Plug in the USB keyboard to the Odroid.
On the back of the Odroid slide the small white switch to the left position.
Re-connect the power plug to the Odroid, switch the car ignition is on, and ensure you are in Android mode by pressing NAV.
The Odroid will boot to a text menu – using the USB keyboard use the down arrow to choose the last option in the list and press the <Enter> key.
Type the following command exactly:

ums /dev/mmcblk0

and press the <enter> key. This command enables USB storage mode on the Odroid, so now it will function as a USB storage device similar to a USB stick etc.

Plug in the micro USB end of your USB cable into the Odroid, and connect the other end to your laptop. Your laptop will detect the Odroid and display it as if it were a standard USB storage device.

Using balenaEtcher, ‘Select Image’ and choose the downloaded image file, then ‘Select Target’ and choose the Odroid storage device, then press ‘Flash!’

Wait for the flashing to complete, then switch the white switch on the Odroid back to the right, disconnect the USB keyboard and micro-USB cable, then un-plug and re-plug the power connector.

The Odroid will now boot up into the new image and the process is complete. Now you will have to re-install your Apps using Google Play.