System Operation Guide

Below is a guide to the functions available via the head unit buttons using the latest Arduino sketch V4.2 or V5 and CD player with Advanced aux-in mod V2.3.

Note that to enable the Android audio through the Jaguar sound system you need an audio CD/MD/Cassette in the player, and it must be playing.

Operating Instructions:

  • Press NAV – Switch to Android mode
  • Press NAV when already in Android mode – launch preferred Navigation App (see Extra Tips section below)
  • Hold NAV for 2 seconds – Switch to original Jaguar Navigation
  • Press AUDIO/TEL/CLIMATE/MENU – Switch to Jag mode
  • Hold MENU for 2 seconds – Turn off LCD screen (any button will switch it back on)
  • Double Press REAR HEAT – switch to AV2 input (Reverse Camera)
  • Press ‘Skip Backwards’ (down) steering wheel button – skip to previous track in media player (CD must be playing)
  • Press ‘Skip Forwards’ (up) steering wheel button – skip to next track in media player (CD must be playing)
  • Double Press VOICE steering wheel button – launch Google Assistant
  • Press A.MEM – switch between CD/MD/Cassette audio and Odroid audio (a CD/MD/Cassette must be in the drive and playing)

Advanced functions:

  • Hold REAR HEAT and press RIGHT TEMP UP/DOWN – Adjusts the Odroid shutdown delay, you will hear one click for every 10 minutes up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Useful when leaving the Android system running updates, syncing music files etc etc. After shutdown, the delay returns back to the default 10 minutes for next time
  • Hold RECIRC for 10 seconds – Cycle the power to the Odroid to force a hard reboot, for example if Android or an App crashes

Super Advanced functions – configuration mode:

  • Hold MODE for 10 seconds – enter config mode (you will hear the relays click 5 times to confirm) then:
  • Press >>| to toggle enable/disable Media player auto-play – (1 relay click = disabled, 2 relay clicks = enabled)
  • Press |<< to toggle enable/disable Media player auto-stop – (1 relay click = disabled, 2 relay clicks = enabled)
  • Press MODE to exit config mode – (you will hear 5 clicks to confirm)

Extra tips:

  • To pair your phone with the Odroid via Bluetooth – Go to the Android Settings app, then select Bluetooth. The Odroid will enter discover mode and you should see the device JagDroid-N2 available to connect to on your phone
  • Setting preferred Navigation App – To reassign the function of the NAV button when already in Android mode, launch the Odroid Settings app, scroll down and change the application associated with the F10 key to the Navigation application of your choice (or in fact any application).
  • To enable correct shutdown – ensure that the Terminal Emulator App is associated with the F7 key within Odroid Settings
  • To enable Google Assistant on the VOICE button – ensure that the Google Assistant App is associated with the F8 key within Odroid Settings

Read about the Next Steps you can take to customise and upgrade your JagDroid system here: Next steps