Packaging guidelines

Guidelines for packaging units to be sent for JagDroid upgrade

Please be aware that both the touchscreen and especially the CD player are very fragile units. If not packaged correctly then there is a high probability that they will be damaged in transit. Please pay attention to the following recommendations, which should help ensure that the units arrive in good condition:

  • If sending a touchscreen and CD player together, please remove them from their brackets (and keep the brackets as they are not required to be sent) and wrap both items separately in bubble wrap. You should remove any extra control buttons such as the heated seat/hazard light control panels and keep those to refit later, as they are not required for the conversion. Brackets have sharp, fragile edges and are susceptible to punching through the packaging or getting broken off, so please do not send them.
  • Touchscreen (this part only required for full Android JagDroid conversion plus the CD player as further down):
    • Ensure the touchscreen is completely wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap. If the front plastic bezel is damaged in transit then usually it will require a whole new touchscreen unit as a replacement. Protect the front plastic bezel with an extra piece of cardboard inside the box to prevent anything pushing into it and cracking the plastic.
      It should look like this when wrapped:
  • CD Player (required for JagDroid-CD bluetooth upgrade and full Android JagDroid upgrade):
    • The CD player has a number of fragile parts. Firstly, the CD mechanisms are more susceptible to being broken in transit if sent with a CD loaded in the drive. Therefore, remove any CD in the drive before packaging up to send.
    • The antenna connection on the rear can easily be broken or bent if not sufficiently protected. If the antenna connection gets broken off then the CD player must be replaced, so pay special attention to this part.
    • The volume/power knob is very sensitive to being pushed in too far. If there is any significant impact to the knob then this will push the switch into the circuit board behind and crack it, rendering the volume and power functions inoperative.
    • Therefore please ensure that the CD player is completely wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap, especially covering the front and back panels.
      It should look like this when wrapped:
  • Pack both items together in a strong sturdy box, that is large enough to contain both items so that there is not excessive pressure on any of the sensitive parts detailed above. If the box is significantly larger than the parts, ensure it is completely packed out with bubble wrap or other packaging material, so that the unit does not rattle around inside the box. If it is not completely packed so that movement is restricted, then it is very likely to suffer damage.
    It should look like this as you pack it into the box (which has a layer of padding in the bottom):

And then more padding on the top like this:

And finally, please include a note with your name and return address along with a contact telephone number and email address.

When packing, consider whether the packaged unit would survive being dropped from a metre or so onto a solid floor. If you are not confident it would survive intact, wrap it more thoroughly!
If you follow the above instructions it will be well protected against damage.

Please note if sending units to the UK from overseas (including Europe, since Brexit) there normally would be import charges incurred on arrival into the UK, which are based on the declared value.
It is possible to declare the shipment as a ‘Temporary Export’ on the customs paperwork if you use a proper courier service e.g. Fedex, UPS. If this is correctly completed the courier service will send me a Customs Entry Number, which allows me to return the goods back to the original sender without incurring additional charges. This is not possible with normal postal services, so for this reason I recommend using a proper courier service as above.

I’m afraid that this is a complicated and difficult situation especially since Brexit, and if any customs charges are incurred they will have to be added to the final invoice when payment for the upgrade is due.