For details on JagDroid-CD, a bluetooth streaming upgrade for the Jaguar X-Type/S-Type and XJ X350 CD player please click here

For details on JagDroid-Cassette, a bluetooth streaming upgrade for the Jaguar XJ X308 cassette player please click here

This is the latest version of my guide on adding Android functionality to the Jaguar touchscreen head unit used in the XJ X350/X358, X-Type and S-Type – called JagDroid.

Please note that all information on this website is provided for non-commercial use only. If you are interested in this upgrade but do not wish to carry out the work yourself, I offer a service to upgrade a touchscreen and CD player that you send to me. Please contact me via Message on my Facebook page: or send me an email at if you are interested in this option.

You can read the history and development of the system on this thread on the UK Jaguar Forum or just skip that and get down to it!

What actully is it?

  • JagDroid is a modification and upgrade to the Jaguar touchscreen so that pressing NAV gives you access to an Android system capable of running any Apps such as TomTom Navigation and Spotify, YouTube etc etc. There are no additional buttons that need to be installed in the dash, so it looks completely factory and seamless. All original Jaguar functions are retained.
  • JagDroid is based on an Odroid N2 single board computer (see here: running Android 9 Pie, with 16Gb eMMC storage (larger eMMC cards are available), and added Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS USB modules.
  • The outdated Jaguar factory Nav (which stopped being updated in 2012) is replaced with any Android navigation app of your preference, such as TomTom, Waze, Google Maps etc, and with a wifi/3G data connection will give you completely up to date maps and live traffic etc. Press the NAV button to switch to the Android system, then press NAV again to switch to your preferred Navigation app!

What will it look like?

Here are some screenshots showing the Launcher (Car Launcher Pro), music application (Spotify), and GPS Navigation (TomTom):

Car Launcher Pro
Spotify Music
TomTom GPS Navigation
DAB+ Radio
Reversing Camera

What else can it do?

  • You can also stream audio from your phone via Bluetooth to play music through the Jaguar sound system – the audio is injected directly into the Jaguar CD Player for the best possible sound quality.
  • When playing from any Android music app, you can control track skipping previous/next from your steering wheel controls, as well as the buttons on the front panel of the CD Player. Pressing CD toggles between Play and Pause, just like it does with a CD. You can switch between Android audio and the CD audio by pressing A.MEM while the CD is playing.
  • Reversing camera with auto switching on reverse with the addition of a relay
  • DAB+ radio with the addition of a USB DAB module and DAB antenna (you will need an external antenna for useable reception)

What can’t it do?

  • It doesn’t support hands-free phone calls – bluetooth can only be used for audio streaming. The standard Jaguar bluetooth phone module still needs to be installed to use hands-free calling. If you don’t already have the Jaguar bluetooth module fitted, there is lots of good information about how to retro-fit this on (USA based) and (UK based). This thread is one example
  • Note that if your car doesn’t already have the touchscreen fitted, then you’ll need to do some additional work to retro-fit one first – it’s not a direct replacement for the basic controls. See for some good information about performing this upgrade.

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