DIY guide

If you would like to build your own JagDroid system from component parts, you can follow this guide.
Please note that this is based on an early version of the system – the official JagDroid upgrade service uses professionally designed and manufactured Printed Circuit Boards as well as numerous revisions and improvements beyond what you see here, including a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen and faster Odroid computer with later Android operating system.

The following pages are intended as a rough guide only, for the DIY enthusiast with electronics experience. I am unable to offer any support if you choose to follow the guide below, and everything is carried out at your own risk.

This is a high-level diagram showing how all the various component parts of the system interconnect:

Follow the steps below:

  1. Touchscreen hardware modification
  2. Video board programming and modification
  3. Arduino and opto-isolator
  4. Control board wiring
  5. Control board installation
  6. LCD panel and touchscreen
  7. Programming and testing
  8. CD player aux-in modification